Account Security


Protection of Game Accounts

Dear Users, due to account thefts becoming more frequent within World of Tanks, we strongly recommend you to familiarize yourselves with this document to protect your account from being hacked.

Secret Question

World of Tanks has added a Secret Question system that will help you to protect your account from being hacked. The Secret Question option is placed in the registration field of the World of Tanks website. The system allows a player to set a special secret question, and the specified player will be the only one to know the answer to it. The feature will help you to recover your game account even when both your World of Tanks account and e-mail, indicated at registration, are hacked. Please read this document attentively.

Account Selling Is Fraudulent

Dear Users, due to the ever increasing number of World of Tanks accounts being sold, we inform you that any account sale is a financial fraudulence. Thus, we strongly recommend you to read the following information, which explains why such procedures are strongly discouraged for a player.

Email Account Security

Account theft can happen not only through direct account hack but also via email accounts linked to your World of Tanks account. Following certain precautions in order to improve your email security will decrease the possibility of an account hack significantly.